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About Pittsburgh is an independent consulting firm with a mission to help companies and institutions attract personnel to Pittsburgh and retain exceptional talent by showing them the values and benefits of living and working in the region. With our credentials and personal experience, we are able to provide information, guidance, and personalized orientations to prospective candidates and their families. This kind of first-hand information is what candidates need to make an informed decision about relocating to Pittsburgh.

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Over the last few years Pittsburgh has received accolades as a city with the resources and potential to become a leader and a model for other cities around the country looking to reinvent themselves.

The Huffington Post has praised Pittsburgh as "a modern mecca of culture and education, [and] a hidden gem." According to national polls conducted by such organizations as Forbes and U.S. News and World Report, Pittsburgh has a lot to be proud of. It is the safest mid-sized city in the country. It is the most livable city. The people of Pittsburgh are happier than the national average. It is a great city for Millennials and for families alike. It is one of the most affordable cities, and it boasts an unemployment rate significantly lower than the national average. With leading industries such as technology, finance, and medical, as well as a booming arts community Pittsburgh has a tremendous amount to offer.

So what can we call Pittsburgh now? Simply put, Pittsburgh is the city of today.

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Think of us as a personal introduction to someone your prospect has never met. That someone is Pittsburgh.