About Pittsburgh

Custom Programs

Spousal and Family Programs

About Pittsburgh helps the family of new personnel become acclimated and connected to the community through a broad range of settling-in services including spousal networking, outside-of-school activities, special interest groups, and cultural institutions.

Internship Programs

In today's competitive world, attracting young talent early through summer internship programs has become a crucial part of the recruitment process. About Pittsburgh will help to create a lasting, memorable experience in Pittsburgh as well as with the company, increasing the likelihood of a future return.

Human Resource Training

About Pittsburgh helps the Human Resources Frontline Recruiter become familiar with the best practices for attracting and retaining talent to the Pittsburgh region.

Focus Groups

Every company wants to know how they can improve their recruiting process to best address the needs of their employees. About Pittsburgh offers programs that will provide insight on what your employees have experienced during their recruiting and relocation process, and we can offer solutions to some of the challenges your employees face.