About Pittsburgh

Core Programs

Attracting and Retaining Key Talent

Professional Candidates and Families and Executive Programs

Every company in Pittsburgh has or will face challenges in attracting the right talent they need to succeed. Our Executive Packages are aimed at overcoming the lifestyle barriers of the candidate, spouse, and family. Through custom-designed orientations to the Pittsburgh region, as well as extensive research, we help the candidate, spouse, and family visualize how their current lifestyle and their new city will fit together.

Young Professionals

Attracting young talent, medical school residents, MBA and other graduate students can be critical to the future of many companies and institutions. About Pittsburgh has created invaluable, innovative programs to attract younger candidates to Pittsburgh and to retain them once they have arrived.

International Assignments

The Pittsburgh region is becoming increasingly global, as more organizations continue to attract talent from outside the United States.  About Pittsburgh offers assistance for expatriates and international transfers by providing support and guidance for their unique needs, from cultural transitioning, identifying the appropriate neighborhood, school system, and transportation options, to securing social security and driver's licenses, as well as offering individual attention to each family's specific requirements.

Group Moves

A divisional transfer, office move or headquarter shift can create a tremendous need to keep vital talent from leaving.  About Pittsburgh is exceptionally successful in helping companies retain valued talent through such transitions with its custom-designed group move programs.