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Millennials are flocking to Pittsburgh, Pew research shows

Sep 26, 2016

Pittsburgh has a more youthful glow, and the country is taking note.

A study from Pew Charitable Trusts analyzed US census data from between 2000 and 2014 and found that Pittsburgh is number three on a list of 20 large cities experiencing a millennial boom, ranking below Jersey City, NJ and Washington, DC. While the overall population in Pittsburgh has dropped by 29,000, the number of young college graduates under the age of 35 increased by 53 percent, or almost 15,000.

The most noticeable jumps happened in Rust Belt cities, which includes Pittsburgh, as well as Buffalo, NY, Baltimore, MD and St. Louis, MO. These once-struggling areas, which were hit hard by decades of declining industry, are now thriving tech-based economies in need of an educated workforce.

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