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Pittsburgh Ranks #3 "Opportunity City" in America

Sep 22, 2014

Forbes has compiled new data and released a new best list of "opportunity cities" based on cities that are small enough to make your mark but large enough to offer amenities.

Are you a young professional trying to earn success in an urban, fast-paced and culturally diverse environment? Then you're probably looking to live in one of Forbes' "Opportunity Cities."

"Unlike major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where professionals in the early to middle phases of their careers (ages 25 to 39) might feel overwhelmed or lost in the shuffle, most of these cities are small enough that enterprising people can really make their mark," writes Erin Carlyle. "But they're still large enough to offer amenities—museums, parks, and in many cases vibrant downtowns–that make for a high quality of life. Most importantly, because these places offer affordable housing, residents enjoy the opportunity to spend their energy getting creative, starting a company, or simply enjoying time off, without the pressure-cooker professional environment and stressfully high housing costs that are the hallmark of many of the nation's biggest job centers."

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