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Pittsburgh Named America's Smartest City

Jun 27, 2013

Pittsburgh has been known as the Steel City and the City of Champions, but what about the smartest city?

According to David Cross, content editor for Movoto real estate, Pittsburgh is indeed the smartest city in the United States.

"I can say that, you know, I was a little shocked that Pittsburgh ranked that high," Cross said. "At the same time I was really happy, because I'm a Midwestern boy at heart."

He came to this conclusion while making Movoto's latest "Big Deal List," in which the company ranks the top 100 most populous cities.

"We create a series of criteria that we think correlates to whatever we're talking about, so in this case we picked seven pieces of criteria that we thought a city should have, or would have, to be very intelligent," Cross said.

To claim the title of the smartest, the cities were judged on the number of universities, libraries, media outlets and museums per capita.

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