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The Boom of the Inner City

Oct 03, 2016

Cities around the globe are being reborn with an influx of innovative talent seeking exciting places to dwell.
For decades it seemed as though nearly every story about cities featured the word "decline" and chronicled how the middle and upper classes had fled to the suburbs, chasing the good jobs and pleasant lifestyle to be found there. But in the new millennium, cities began to grow again, and this trend accelerated as the economy recovered from the 2008 crash.  While the most feverish activity may be seen in hot spots like San Francisco and New York, the trend is not limited to the coasts or to the United States. Cities experiencing rebirth and growth include Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Boston in the U.S.; Manchester and Glasgow in Britain; Barcelona, Hamburg and Amsterdam in Europe; as well as Melbourne, Australia, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They all host or are near universities and have benefitted from the innovation and talent these schools foster. They also boast civic leaders and private developers willing to collaborate.