About Pittsburgh


About Pittsburgh works so well because its concerns are the real life issues and questions that face employees who are transporting their lives. About Pittsburgh helps families find a swimming instructor for their daughter; a pulmonologist for their 5-year-old's asthma; a software company for the continuation of a spouse's career; or a neighborhood and school with all the charm and convenience of their old one.

Thank you very much! The document provides a great help! I am not even in Pittsburgh yet, but I've already felt you make my life there easier.


THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful work helping me learn about Pittsburgh ... and most importantly find an awesome new place to live!  Johnette was simply a fabulous tour guide ... professional, knowledgeable, fun and a real pleasure to spend the day with. I am very grateful for the service provided to me - without it my search would not have been as enjoyable (or easy). Relocating to a new city and starting a new job can easily be over whelming & stressful ... not for me - thanks to all you!


I really enjoyed the tour and thought it was such a great way to see Pittsburgh for the first time. Mary Jane did an exceptional job and I would recommend this service to anyone!

Michele from St. Louis

I enjoyed the tour Johnette gave me yesterday. It really helped me to understand the different perspectives of Pittsburgh. I greatly appreciate you all providing me customized information about Pittsburgh, catering to my needs.

Malar from Minnesota

You guys were a great help in introducing me to Pittsburgh and helping us see how we could really enjoy our next chapter there.

Heather from Michigan

It's incredibly impressive what the city has to offer. Thank you so much for setting us up with Johnette - she was amazing. We had an invaluable experience!


I must say – your team was AMAZING on Friday.....your team was so helpful in accommodating all of our requests and still managed to give two great tours. Can't thank you all enough!! 

AP Client

Just wanted to say thanks for orchestrating a wonderful introduction to living in Pittsburgh. Amy did an amazing job....Amy was so pleasant to talk with....she's a great listener

From Mike and Barbara/Western PA

I must say that Johnette was a terrific guide for the two days. She was full of energy and a pleasure to talk to....Pittsburgh is a terrific city, I can see myself living there.


Thank you again for everything. I could not have done this without you. Your group is definitely a tremendous asset that takes all the uncertainty out of the move.

Pete from New Jersey

Amy was fantastic - thanks again for a fantastic service

Mark - Spring, Texas

"You guys are rock stars!"

Andrew, Chicago

"Just wanted to thank you for today. The tour was more than great. It really, really helped. Now I'm actually comfortable with this move."

Lindsay, age 16, New Jersey

"Thank you for such a nice day in Pittsburgh. The tour was fun, interesting and informative."

Katrina, California

"The day with Paula was very useful and she was terrific. The package of info was also helpful. I have no idea what you charge companies for your service, but we have found it to be very valuable.

David, New York

"Thank you so much for a fabulous day last Sunday. I would rate you an A+ because of your enthusiasm, pride in the city, knowledge of the area, and flexibility. You really sold us on the area!"

Glenda, Iowa

"Thank you so much for inviting us for the great evening of jazz at the MCG. It was truly an amazing event. We really do appreciate the introductions to such great leaders in the community like Bill Strickland and the many others you have gone out of your way to ensure we meet."

April and Matt, California

"I would like to thank you and Billie so much for everything you have done for us over the last few weeks. It's a very exciting time and you have helped us in making our important decisions. We are looking forward to our new life in Pittsburgh and can't wait to get started!"

Catherine, Steve, Sarah and Katie, London, England

"Thank you SO much for the amazing introduction to Pittsburgh! It made a huge difference and is really helping us make a good decision."

Jani, Washington

"The value of our decision was a result of the time we spent with Amy, our About Pittsburgh guide. She met us early in the morning with a bright smile and genuine interest in what we needed. This was especially significant because she showed awareness and interest in the cultural differences and preferences we might have as African-Americans relocating to the area, versus giving us a cookie cutter tour. About Pittsburgh is an incredibly valuable service that you may not appreciate until you've utilized it. This is my third professional relocation but the first time I have experienced a service like About Pittsburgh."

David, New Jersey

"I have never encountered an organization like About Pittsburgh. Having relocated a number of times, I have found the experience to be clearly superior to those provided by realtors."

Randy, New Jersey

"Yesterday's journey around the Burgh was awesome. I had no idea how much there was to your city. And Paula's extensive knowledge was great. She provided so much information! Hopefully my interviews went well because you guys have a terrific city to live in. Thanks again for everything."

Randy, Ohio

"Our experience with About Pittsburgh has been nothing short of amazing! From the incredibly helpful packet of information on schools and neighborhoods to the wonderful tour of Pittsburgh, it's been incredibly helpful and enjoyable."

Noel G., Texas

"Johnette was great. I loved her energy and knowledge. She packed a lot into our afternoon for which I was very grateful....I left with a great feeling in the relocation and living prospects for my family." 

Angela, Chicago

"Thank you ALL for all of your support over the past few months.  You've certainly helped us close the deal!" 

AP Client

"I can't say enough about much I enjoyed my experience touring with About Pittsburgh yesterday. I am even more excited about the possibility of moving here and now have so many more wonderful options to consider for where to live.  I am so thankful to have received this valuable service."

Ralph, Chicago